Terms and Conditions

22AG Madeira RENT A CAR

22AG Madeira Rent a Car is a brand owned by the Portuguese company “Arraial Colorido, Lda” headquartered at Rua do Curaçau, No. 10, 9000-093, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.


The rental is valid throughout the island of Madeira.


The minimum rental period is 24 hours. The maximum rental period is 31 days. Extending the rental period requires signing a new rental contract.


22AG Madeira provides customers with a physical complaints book at its office and a digital version on the website www.22AGMadeira.com.


The rental vehicle will be inspected upon delivery and collection by 22AG Madeira and the customer, thus verifying the conditions of the rental vehicle. Early return of the vehicle by the customer will not result in a refund of the rental amount paid.

A delay in returning the vehicle, exceeding 30 minutes without informing 22AG Madeira, entails the payment of an administrative fee of €35 to be charged at the time of the vehicle return.


Our prices include:

Unlimited mileage
Current local taxes (VAT);
Mandatory insurance with deductible or insurance without deductible;
Replacement vehicle in case of an accident;
Airport service fee;
Possibility of payment upon arrival;
Emergency contact service.
Our prices do not include:

Optional coverages;
Additional extras to apply over the total rental days.
Loss of child car seats.
Damages/Loss/Theft of keys, antenna, jack, safety triangle, reflective vest, windshield wipers, fuel cap, luggage cover, or any other movable or fixed vehicle component.
Engine damage due to negligence.
Theft of the vehicle with keys in the ignition.
Loss/Damage/Theft of personal items.

The delivery and return of the vehicle will take place at the premises of 22AG Madeira, at a location to be agreed upon or at Madeira airport. The vehicle will be identified by stamped stickers applied to the rear and sides of the vehicle and is delivered with standard tools, a signaling triangle, a reflective vest, and a spare wheel, Run Flat or Anti-Puncture Kit system.


Presentation of Citizen Card, Identity Card, Driving License, and/or valid passport, as well as Taxpayer Number, is mandatory. The driver must be at least 19 years old and have a valid driving license for at least one year (12 months). There is no maximum age. An additional driver will be charged an extra cost of €6/day.


The customer will be provided with the original contract, single car document, proof of motor vehicle liability insurance policy, and inspection sheet, when applicable. If the Vehicle is not returned with the documents provided at the start of the rental, a cost of €120 per missing document will be charged, as well as an administrative fee for processing them in the amount of €35.


The rental cost can be paid at the time of booking or upon vehicle delivery. Valid credit cards are accepted: Visa and MasterCard. Debit cards are accepted. The credit card holder must be present at the time of vehicle pickup. For payment by other means (bank transfer, American Express, or others), contact AG22Madeira by phone at +(351) 916 311 016 or by email at reservas@22agmadeira.com.


A deposit on a credit or debit card may be required, the value of which varies according to the group of the reserved vehicle, to guarantee costs related to possible damages incurred or suffered in the rented vehicle. After verifying the absence of damages or costs related to the rental contract, the deductible deposit will be refunded using the same means used for its payment.


Vehicles can be equipped with optional extras that will be included in the final price, provided they are selected at the time of booking.


The prices of additional services are displayed on the booking page.


The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel with which it was delivered. If it is not returned with the same amount, the missing fuel will be charged. The calculation of this value will be €25 for each quarter of the tank missing. The missing amount will be communicated by 22AG Madeira to the customer at the time of the Vehicle’s return. An administrative fee for refueling in the amount of €20.00 will be charged. 22AG Madeira is not responsible for damages caused due to a mistake in the type of fuel refilled. The driver will always be responsible for paying the amounts of the damages caused.


Changes: The Customer can modify or change their booking free of charge up to 48 hours before the rental start. New rental prices may be applied when modifying the booking. The same communication channels used for the vehicle booking should be used.

Cancellations: The refund due to the cancellation of a booking will be made as follows: 100% up to 120 hours before the start of the rental, 50% up to 48 hours before the start of the rental, and 25% up to less than 48 hours. Refunds and cancellations do not include fees.


A cleaning fee, to be debited between €30 to €150, if the returned vehicle is dirtier than its contractual use, particularly if its interior is dirty, muddy, sandy, or smells of tobacco.

All our vehicles have a No Smoking policy.


Pets are allowed in 22AG Madeira rental vehicles provided they are properly informed at the time of booking. Customers must keep pets in transport boxes and return the rental car clean and free of animal hair. If the returned vehicle is dirty, due to the non/poor use of the animal carrier, an additional cleaning fee of €150 will be charged.


In case of an accident, contact 22AG Madeira so it can advise the customer throughout the process. If justified, the customer is recommended to call Roadside Assistance and/or the Police Authorities (112), call an ambulance in case there are injured parties, obtain from the other drivers involved: Name, address, and telephone number, Driving license number, date and place of issue, brand, model, and registration of the other vehicles, Insurance policy and insurance company.


As a result of using the wrong fuel, the customer will have to pay the following costs: Running out of fuel: €250;

Wrong fuel, without causing damage to the mechanics or engine: €380 to €500, plus the missing fuel; Wrong fuel with damage to the mechanics or engine will always be subject to a specialized workshop estimate. Battery discharged due to negligence: €200; Loss of Keys €200 to €500. For all damages caused by negligence, an administrative fee of €35 will be charged for processing them.

For any puncture that destroys tires or rims, scratched or broken rims will always be charged a value of €130 to €600, plus an administrative fee of €35 for processing them.


In case of breakdown or accident, 22AG Madeira provides a 24-hour Roadside Assistance service: ensuring the transportation of the vehicle and its occupants to the nearest 22AG Madeira. It also ensures a replacement vehicle equal or similar within a maximum period of 24 hours.


Payment of traffic fines or infractions during the rental period is the responsibility of the renter. An administrative fee of €35 per infraction will be charged for processing fines. These administration fees are paid in addition to the value of the fines, with the customer being fully responsible for the total payment thereof.


Rental rates include the coverages of Mandatory Automobile Insurance and Civil Liability for damages and losses to third parties derived from the use and circulation of the vehicle. 22AG Madeira offers two additional options: Medium and Premium. (Coverage for the driver of the vehicle and all occupants), which can be added at the time of booking.

22AG Madeira is not responsible for the theft, loss, or damage of the customer’s objects inside the vehicle. In case of total or partial theft of the vehicle, the customer undertakes to inform 22AG Madeira by phone, within a maximum period of 24 hours, as well as report to the Police Authorities. Please check the general conditions of the insurances on our website.


22AGMadeira only collects and processes personal data directly provided by the customer to comply with and manage pre-contractual and contractual obligations; marketing; comply with legal obligations; manage user records; rights and property; accounting, tax, and administrative management and will be used exclusively for the identified purposes.


In case of dispute, 22AG Madeira has a Customer Support service available through geral@22AGMadeira.com

The customer or 22AG Madeira may submit the resolution of the dispute to the competent Courts, which may be the Courts of their residence or the country of the rental, without prejudice to being able to address the entities for alternative dispute resolution indicated on the Consumer Portal at www.consumidor.pt


22AG Madeira reserves the right to change these general conditions without prior notice.

22AG Madeira, hereby rents to the customer who signed, the vehicle described under the terms and conditions of this document, by which the customer acknowledges and agrees.

I declare that I have read and accept the conditions described in this contract:

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Thank you for trusting 22AG Madeira!